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How To NEVER Let Bad Habits Ruin Your Life Again | Nir Eyal

A video featuring Nir Eyal shows that we can often lose our way from our goals by the simplest things around us, but we must instead learn to focus if we wish for success.

We all have the information at our fingertips to do whatever we want in life. But we still let things slip and make excuses for not doing the things we know will make our lives better. This happens because we can become easily distracted from our goals when we set out to accomplish them. We must get rid of the immediate things we think are important and stop us looking at what we really need to do.

When we are distracted we try to escape the uncomfortable nature within, so we end up losing our way. Improvement is the key – we can learn to push past the feeling of boredom and moving to things which cause us to procrastinate, and instead do things which keep us busy and learning at the same time.

Change how you react to your feelings around you, and ignore the excuses that come into your mind – whether they are external or internal. Don’t give in to the distraction, and you can push yourself further than you ever thought possible.

Video by Absolute Motivation

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