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How to stop your thoughts from controlling your life | Albert Hobohm

Albert Hobohm tells us that we must learn to refocus our minds in the correct manner to live a life free from confusion and bad habits we put upon ourselves.

Within our modern world we are often bombarded with so much stimuli from all around us that it is hard to have a mind settled and calm. With many distractions around it is hard to have the space to think and control the thoughts we have in a manner that aids us. This can lead to us into depression and addictions when times are at their toughest to temporarily remove the thoughts away, but of course cause major problems in the long run.

We need to influence our minds in the correct manner, removing the temptations this world holds for us. If we clear our minds we can stop the thoughts controlling us, and we can do this by:
1. Meditation.
Create a space of mindfulness, become calm and be able to control your thought patterns for the better. Through this you will be able to see clearer what you wish to accomplish and focus harder on the things you want to do.
2. Restrain mental and physical input.
Bad information can cause you to think the wrong way. We are given many pieces of information every day, and we need to separate out the pieces that are useful to us and ignore the things which are negative and cause disruptions.

Our impulses can all too often lead us down the wrong path. But when we learn to focus on the right things, be mindful and keep out all the bad we can grow as people.

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