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How to Use Writing to Sharpen Your Thinking | Tim Ferriss

A video by Tim Ferriss shows us that writing is a key tool in the art of self improvement, and that making this a habit will help give your life a lot more than you may think:

You can learn a lot from putting pen to paper. You can see areas where you are good and other places where you may be weaker in your thinking processes. It is a skill which improves many aspects of yourself. You will see your thinking of the time in a captured space – and where your mindset sits at that very point.

Show your work to professionals and also those not in the craft to gain extra insights into what you are writing to see where you are at and how you can improve further. Find your best and worst parts to see how your awareness of writing/thinking is coming along.

If you write a few pages each day, whatever that may be – from simple thoughts you are thinking through to structured ideas, you will see improvements elsewhere in your life.

Video by Tim Ferriss

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