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I AM – Eddie “Truck” Gordon

A speech by Eddie “Truck” Gordon gets us thinking about who we are inside and how we need to change our thinking if we desire greatness in this world.

There may be many times when we fill our days with negativity, always thinking on the elements which brings us down rather than taking us up to our next levels. We need to change our “I Am” to ones that fill us with positivity if we wish to do more. Stop making excuses for why you are not great and know make your actions count for something which will have dramatic effect.

If you think that change will happen without you actively doing something to make it happen then you will be waiting forever. If you are unhappy with your current circumstances you have to make the decision to change something about yourself. Don’t do what is easy and make sure you grow through the fear of doing something unknown, but could lead to greatness.

Keep making small steps towards your goals. Don’t wait – do these steps now. Tell yourself who you want to be. Keep repeating this to yourself to make your “I Am” come true. It is down to you.

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