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A series of speeches show us that when things go wrong in life this is the best time to keep moving forward with your passion and drive.

We need to accept the fact that failure is part of an ongoing process which allows us grow and move forward. It helps us learn what not to do in the future, creating the right circumstances when the time comes. When we fail we should never give up, but embrace it.

Success comes from the many small failures that all build experience. Never feel that failure is something to be saddened by, but something to open up other options in life.

Risk always comes alongside failing in something. You have to be bold and have a vision for you that will break boundaries. You will never succeed straight away, so just keep on going until it works. Visualise your success, and one day it will happen through your perseverance.

Take on the challenges and never push your problems to the side. Fight your failures and never let them take you down.

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