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In a world so connected we react by keeping things incredibly guarded. In the news this morning all I read about say how social media leaks millions of peoples DATA, and how we should all be afraid of that. In a world so open and accessible we are being fear mongered into separation, and part of that is keeping things to ourselves, guarding what we HAVE out of fear.

On of our big goals here at Success4 is to work with other business to offer complimentary services, there for building our brands and companies together and sharing the weight of the initial push up the hill of any start up. Now we do not necessarily mean going into business “together” and being financially dependant on each other, but look around you…..go on! how much free space do you have in your office, that on a day to day basis is not being used? How could you maximise that space by having a small business or talent come in and occupy that space whilst simultaneously baring some of the costs, increasing client reach, footfall and social media output, not to mention the emotional support of others.

So why do we keep things to ourselves, why in a world so connected do we shy off and become so guarded? one of the classic reasons we see where at Success4 is the fear of “Someone stealing our ideas” … As Gary Vaynerchuck says in the fantastic video below “An idea is like knowing you should do pushups” it does nothing on it’s own. I guarantee that 99% of the people you share you idea with will do NOTHING about it, and even if they did the execution will not be the same as yours and most likely they will not have a clue how to execute it effectively because it was never their idea in the first place.

So guys we implore you to share, to work together and find start ups and business and networks that support your work. Go one further, start sharing social media posts by each other..that’s right, go find coaches that you like and believe in and actually start sharing their work. Got a client that you don’t think is the right fit for you, but know a coach that is? pass them on and build relationships and ask them to return the favour if they can.

As I sit here in our lovely new office, we have another Start Up coming in and working WITH us. I guess alongside us is a better explanation. We compliment each others business’ we have the same ethos, ethics and values and we understand that this journey is far more enjoyable together.

Gary Vaynerchuck explains the value of working together in the video below. Make sure you join 1.2Million subscribers for some Daily Vee.


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