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If You’re Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired | Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett talks to Tom Bilyeu about the need to think confidently, to be grateful for the things you have and to be happy as you try to better yourself.

List the things you are grateful for and reenforce them as much as you can. Once you start to see these things you will then open yourself up to more good things in your life. Feel the difficulty that you may encounter to push you forward. Do not be numbed by the everyday that passes you by, use the feelings within and do not hide from them.

If you set targets just to reach them to make you happy, you will never be so as once you achieve your target you’ll set another. Do not let these targets dictate your happiness, be happy as you work for your goals. We have to embrace this happiness to want more for ourselves as we move forward.

Keep the promises you make to yourself. Focus on those things you are really good at and keep working at them to keep your focus and drive.

Video by Absolute Motivation

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