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Inspirational Speech | Grant Cardone

A speech by Grant Cardone gives us the power to pursue our dreams by working hard to build our brands and never giving in on the success we’ve wanted.

You don’t need money to start a business. You just need to work harder than you ever have before and have the willpower to do whatever it take to make your business succeed. If you have the correct attitude towards your goals anything can become a reality, and if you truly believe in what you are selling people will come to you. Show the passion and it will be infectious to others.

If you can learn to close deals and sell your products effectively you will never be without work. Make the time for people whatever it takes and figure out how to schedule it all in later. If something really counts, you will find the time from somewhere. Never make dates you can’t keep, and move every mountain to make these meetings happen. You have a whole calendar to fill, so never leave a blank space and be as productive as you possibly can.

Never lower your targets, never give up on your dreams – as it leads to lowering targets for every aspect of your life.

Video by Grant Cardone

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