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Introducing Clee Stacy – Life coach

My entire life I have wanted to do one thing: help people. But like most, I had no idea what that meant. I knew it wasn’t customer service, it wasn’t teaching and it wasn’t being a PA. I know because I tried these things. A lot.

This is where my self love journey started.

I realised that I had always been taking care of other people, and never myself.

Yes, I’d gone through school and uni and did well enough, and I’d managed to get a variety of jobs, some even close to my expertise. But none of them lasted. I was never passionate. I never cared quite enough. I lived for the weekend, and counted down the hours every day.

As a result of always looking after other people, I realised that the result was being too tired to think about myself. The habit was formed and I created a coping mechanism: I would look externally for advice – my Mum and Dad being my “go-to” advisors. My Mum particularly was very good at directing me. Or so I thought.

What I found was that although she and I are similar, we are not the same person. What was right for her, was not necessarily right for me… *aha!* Finally! I understood why I could never stick to any of my jobs and never did particularly fantastically at school. Not only was my mind focused on supporting any one in need (loved ones and not so loved ones), I also had never really fully committed to any of them. They were never my choice 100%. I did them because my Mum said it made sense.

Don’t get me wrong – her advice has got me through some tough times, and encouraged me to do some spectacular things. But without taking the responsibility for making those decisions, I never felt either the blame when they went wrong, or pride when they went right.

I made an active choice to stop listening to others. To start listening to myself and what I wanted. That took me to a Psychotherapy and Counselling course, which although I loved and I knew was sooooo close to what I wanted, just wasn’t quite right.

And then I found Life Coaching. Yay!

With a mixture of emotional and psychological understanding and working out how to move lives forward, I knew I had finally found my calling! And now, today, to you reading this, right here, right now.

My whole life brought me to coaching, and it brought me to you, here, today. I don’t think that is any coincidence.

I have either been through what you’re going through, or I understand it through experiencing the emotions and thoughts through other clients and loved ones who have been through it. I am highly empathic and intuitive, which enables me to cut through and get to the important stuff much quicker. I won’t lie to you – I’m no miracle worker, I’m only human, I can’t cure you of anything overnight. These things take time. Habits, routines and behaviour patterns take time to change. and that’s a lot of what we will work on – your patterns of thoughts and emotions.

You must understand too that we have to work with different levels of your brain – the conscious bit which is more surface level and cognitive, and the sub-conscious, where all your deep seated issues, often from childhood, come from. This is also known as our programming, and to change programming that has been there for so long takes hard work. But the growth and changes it can create is phenomenal.

I work with both your conscious and subconscious, to ensure we cover all bases and connect to your self love on a deep and more conscious level.

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