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Is Facebook Ads The Best Tool For Client Attraction ?

Is Facebook Ads The Best Tool For Client Attraction.
In short, yes it is.

I know that’s a bold statement by hear me out…the reason why I believe that Facebook is such a great tool for coaches, consultants and trainers, is simple.

Facebook Ads is built on demographics and interest based targeting. Think about it. The biggest piece of advice any service professional is ever given is what? Find a niche.

That’s all anyone talks about. “What’s your niche?”.

Well if you have that part of the equation solved, the next part of the puzzle is actually reaching those people. It’s not always as easy as “networking”. Unless you’re a small business coach, going to BNI doesn’t always make sense.

If you’re looking for high-ticket clients, staying local isn’t always the right answer. But if you can really help people, then why not have a National, or even global, reach. In the past that would have been impossible unless you had a huge corporate budget and a marketing genius running the show.

Now though, it’s a simple case of knowing how to target properly with Facebooks ads manager tool. If you can do that and you can create compelling ad copy or insightful video content (which is what I recommend) you can reach anyone.

Facebook Ads really is the right way to grow any business right now.

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