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A video by Jay Shetty shows us how we need to learn and understand ourselves so we can make the greatest impact on our lives and those around us.

Many of us enter the world trying to figure out our direction and purpose, going around and around never making the connections which aid us in moving forward. We need to find that one thing that defines us and makes us strong, to locate our potential and find the energy within us so that we can make a lasting impact on the world. The best way of learning anything is by getting stuck in and to see if it takes you onwards. By doing this you will find out who you are. Never try and fit into someones vision of yourself, and do not love a life that makes you unfulfilled and unhappy. Find what makes you tick and stick with it.

If you have something that drives you and keeps you up at night – chase it. Make sure you have a plan and go for it.

Think on these questions to unlock your passion:
– What am I good at?
– What do I love?
– What does the world need?
– How do I get paid for it?

Getting money is an outcome of doing what you love. Find what makes you driven, and the rest will fall into place.

On your journey of self discovery, figure out what makes you strong and what makes you weak. Educate yourself and give yourself the best shot in life. Do not intend to do something, just got for it. Everyday that goes by that you do not your intention grows smaller and you lose sight of your goals. It can be a long process on your road of success, but keep working at it. We all have our time, so we must be patient and never rush through things.

Look to yourself in several years time and see if that’s the place you want to be with the outlook you have now. Ask the right questions to yourself and live in your element.

Video by Motivation2Study

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