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Jim Carrey – Visualize, Believe, Manifest

Jim Carrey tells us that anything we want in life can become a reality if we just keep it in the front of our minds and hold onto it whilst we work towards it.

When something is visualised in the mind it is much more easer to achieve. Set out with the intention to do something, and keep moving forward seeing it getting closer to completion. If there is something you want out of life, you have to see it coming to life in your mind first – and then when you truly believe it will happen it can become possible. To have the belief we can obtain anything we must believe we already have it.

If there is a place you wish to live or work at, if there is a physical representation of something you strive for – visit it and think that one day this will be view for life. Keep that thought and then direct your energies into coming back one day fulfilled in your goals. Every thought we have can lead us to the creation of our dreams, so keeping the thoughts close to the surface is key.

Do not fit in to be accepted, find your own peace and do what you need to do to create your future. Do not fear, love – the present moment is all we have, and dare to ask for what you want no matter how hard it is to achieve. Be yourself, and remember that you always have the things you want – but you may not have a hold of them yet.

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