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Jim Rohn takes us through several points which will help us focus better in our business to maximise output and productivity.

– Don’t mistake a busy day with productivity – you may have done a lot but was it in the right direction, and something worthwhile?

– Save the work till you get to work. Enjoy the moments off from work, and put the concentration in the right places. Separate your personal life from the work life. You will split your priorities and never be 100% on anything in your life.

– Learn to say no. Do not commit to everything that comes your way or you’ll never get anything done. And the work you do take on focus on it wholeheartedly to get to where you need to go.

– Don’t let people steal your time, and ask questions immediately to save time when you could be doing something else.

– Create a project book, keep notes so you have every detail to hand and never miss a thing. It will help you save every minute as to not go over things again and again. With this keep a journal, to collect ideas so they are at hand for when you need them the most.

Use these tactics to keep you on the right track and ready to tackle anything.

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