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Jono is the creator of Limit Break Lifestyle, and has an incredible story of how to create a society from the foundations of feeling so disconnected as a child from his parents who worked so hard everyday.  He talks about the pressure to parent please in a corporate role, working 12 hours a day in an office, without appreciation from the corporation itself and always on the receiving end of criticism. Jono began to ask himself if there was more to life.

Here is part 1 – Find Your Journey and Reclaim Your Power

Intuitive Leader and Self Discovery Relationship Coach

Expert in the field of intuitive leadership development, training Leaders and Experts on High-level Inner Leadership and Advanced Leadership skills, so that they can Inspire their team, Influence others and Impact the World.

His greatest mission in life is to bring unconditional love to the world, whilst creating World Class Leaders find their clarity and true purpose in life by helping them overcoming limitations and following their heart, which allows them to change the world and bring back humanity

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