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Joshua Lee Graham – Time Mastery Part 1

Time Mastery

What do you, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey have in common? You all have the same amount of time in a day. A question I always use to ask myself was why do these people manage to reach the heights that they have? How do they have the time to get what they get done in a day! When I made a transition of working a full time employed job to moving city and starting my own coaching business one of my biggest hurdles to clear was time management. I would find myself coming up with phrases such as ‘I don’t have time to do XY or Z’ or find myself scrolling through social media and working aimlessly and then being frustrated at my lack of productivity.

Something had to change and I am pleased to say it did. I knew I couldn’t carry on the way I was if I was to really succeed and make the most of everything I had been working so hard for. I began looking into time management and productivity and my results shot up. I have a greater sense of achievement in the work I get done, I have even got time to do more things for myself now which in turn leads to greater results for both myself and my clients.

Here are a few things that have helped me and I know will be extremely beneficial to you.

If we all just had one extra hour in a day, what would you use that hour for? Be selfish with your answer. Don’t give what you think is the right answer that everyone wants to hear but look within yourself to what you would love to spend an extra hour doing.

At this point I will let you know that we cannot make more time but if you stay with me you will see that time is elastic and will stretch to accommodate what you CHOOSE to put in it.

Sounds simple right? But If I was to ask you why you don’t do enough of your first answer (E.G. spend time with family, read or sleep) your automatic response would be, I don’t have enough time. I don’t have time often means it’s not a priority.

That may not be what you wanted to hear but if I was to offer you £100,000 to spend an hour doing the washing up you’d run to the kitchen and get scrubbing right? That shows that time is a choice. Of course there may be big consequences if you were to make these different choices.

So now that we know it is a matter of priorities I would like to share with you how we can accommodate that into your already full schedule.

A lot of us (especially in the work place) do a review at the end of the year to say what we have done well through the past year as well as what didn’t go so well but there is also always that section of where we could have improved or what we could have done differently.

What I want you to do is jump one year into the future, write down 3-5 points that would make it a phenomenal year both in your professional and personal life.

………. (Create your own list here)

Congratulations you’ve just completed what a large percentage of the population fail to do in terms of writing down your own personal and professional goals for the year! Now that you can see them in front of you we can now CHOOSE to prioritise these goals by putting them into our schedules FIRST.

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