By Kieran Miles

Kieran Miles

Entrepreneur. Head of KakeCo and Founder of #DigitalCity.

KakeCo is a management consultancy that supports organisations that wish to renew or further create value for physical and intellectual assets. Combining the use of data driven intelligence and creative solutions, KakeCo develops strategies and delivers implementation for businesses that want to stay relevant in the digital age.

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KakeCo (cake-co) is a communication agency specialising in helping brands to better understand the digital age.

We support organisations to modernise, adapt and grow to meet the demands and take advantage of the opportunities surrounding the the 16-30yo marketplace.

KakeCo lives, breathes and 'is' the digital generation. We're not an agency made up of "social media guru's" but digital natives.

We're the crazy ones who don't shy away from asking difficult questions. Our team is talented, result driven and always learning. Although we can be described as disruptors we always recognise the importance of managing cost, risk and maximising your own resource.


KIERAN MILES – Keeping Up With A Digital Generation


This talk asks the questions that challenge not only the readiness of education providers but their ability to keep up with a digital generation and their needs.

Highlighting the influence of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other digital technologies, as well as discussing some of the cultural changes and trends born from this ‘digital age’.

Does education need to reshape its role beyond acquisition of knowledge establishments to application of knowledge environments in order to stay relevant and useful for a digital generation? Does the school of the future even exist? Changing education is one thing, but understanding what you’re really changing it for is another.

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