By Karen 'Komplete' Small

Karen ‘Komplete’ Small

Energy Coach - Dealing in Human Power stations

Each week we release Komplete's FREE meditative and energy recharging Podcast Series. To date Karen has produced two unique podcast series with us here at Success4, these are C.H.A.N.G.E and Love,Life And Forgiveness.

A well-being specialist, leading the way in living creatively and essentials for better living. Expanding perspectives with ‘Brighter Expressions through inside out thinking & being’. Her motto “It’s vital to celebrate life, even the smallest things, no matter how insignificant they seem now! For, they will be the greatest memories of past, in the future”. She echoes ‘to feel good, will transpire in looking naturally great!’ While Karen looks after the Mind & Spirit, TLC takes care of the Body. Embark on a life changing journey!

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In this brand new podcast from Creative and Energy Coach Komplete Small, Karen talks about waking up, waking up to realise the truth about your life, where you are and what the realism of the situation around you is, so you can begin to change it.

Karen asks:
Do you wake up tired?
Eyes heavy & heart heavy?
Feeling as if aspirations are out of reach?
With the feeling of lots love ?

Karen talks about confirming and settling, putting your aspirations on hold. Do you take that chance to be awakened or do you sleep walk back to bed?

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