By Karen 'Komplete' Small

Karen ‘Komplete’ Small

Energy Coach - Dealing in Human Power stations

Each week we release Komplete's FREE meditative and energy recharging Podcast Series. To date Karen has produced two unique podcast series with us here at Success4, these are C.H.A.N.G.E and Love,Life And Forgiveness.

A well-being specialist, leading the way in living creatively and essentials for better living. Expanding perspectives with ‘Brighter Expressions through inside out thinking & being’. Her motto “It’s vital to celebrate life, even the smallest things, no matter how insignificant they seem now! For, they will be the greatest memories of past, in the future”. She echoes ‘to feel good, will transpire in looking naturally great!’ While Karen looks after the Mind & Spirit, TLC takes care of the Body. Embark on a life changing journey!

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When the unknown creates an emptiness, when all your hopes and dreams go unfulfilled. John Doe is a name given to someone when they are un identified.

Trait means individual characteristic, original to you. Komplete believes you were created with purpose, no matter how big or small, you were created to do something here on earth. Are you looking at grasping your dreams with everything you have until your last breath? what are you going to be remembered for? what is your purpose here on earth and what image will be brought up in your name, not a John Doe.

If you would like to support Komplete then please contact with her here so she can continue with her lives purpose and to deliver her incredible message.

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