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Komplete Thoughts – A White Feather

As I turned into my road I found another feather today, then I was graced with white feathers all way to my front path. My road is not short! I would have been stopping every five or so footsteps to pick them up, ending up with a handful of feathers. I was almost tempted to walk the rest of the road to see if the trail continued.

I then thought about what was on my mind as I was walking home. I was thinking about the session I just had and a couple of young one flexing (not in positive way) as they walked through my session to get to the garden area. I thought they were trying to show that they were tough But then it was brought to my attention that they may have been trying to intimidate the person I was with! A lot of emotions filled my gut… the one that really stirred me was wanting to save these babies (to me) from themselves… then the sadness came. The person I was in session with was much older and he told me about his journey and encounters. If only they knew what he KNOWS! Do they have to go through a prolonged season of turmoil, then a breaking before they can have a breakthrough? I know from experience you can’t help people unless they want to be helped. But why do we have to experience things the hard way… this is rhetorical!

So back to the feathers, I see them as a sign that I’m on the right path and to keep walking in faith and doing what I’m doing. That my steps are divinely guided. As long as I can effect change even in the slightest of ways, it will ripple outwards. Also a seed planted may not blossom in this season, it has to go through changes a test of the environment, maybe blown and taken by a gust of wind to new fertile ground where its crushed and dried out before new life can sprout, roots can be placed and a shoot can spring up. Not to mention gaining strength, thickness and height as they grow under the pressures of the natural elements. This is what life is about, I wouldn’t be able share from a authentic place if I hadn’t been there myself.‼️ so as I continue… I send a #HappyRipple love & light to aid forgiveness and healing as we journey through life.

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