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Through various examples Jordan Peterson shows us that the things we really want may be in the places we least want to go, but will give us the greatest results.

There are things you will want to do because they are easy to obtain. But these things do not really bring you the success and accomplishment you are after. There are also places where you may not dare, or not do not wish to go as it will bring a sense of the unknown. It could be fear or uncertainty that down the dark path leads to failure. However, beyond this hardship is the goal you have sought and wanted for so long. You have to go through the darkness to find the thing you have really wanted.

You have to do those things that push you the very limits of what you think you can do. In doing so, you won’t end up in the easy situation of coasting through life but learn from new experiences and grow as a person. If you want success you have to be willing to risk it all to come out the other end better. Face your doubts about whatever is holding you back head on, never ignore them and hope that the storm will pass.

If you want the gold, you have to fight the dragon.

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