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Motivational Speech By Simon Sinek | 5 Rules Of Success

A video by startup stories, featuring Simon Sinek takes us through several pieces of information which show us how to succeed and look after those around us on our journeys:

You can go after whatever you want. You just cannot deny anyone else to go after whatever they want.
– Some people will always see their vision, ands strive to go for it and make it happen whatever the cost. Others will see the barriers that stop them from obtaining it. You must do whatever it takes to make your dreams happen, as long as you are not stopping other peoples dreams in the process.

Sometimes you’re the problem.
– You have to realise that sometimes what you will do may not be in the best interests for yourself and for others also. Your actions may be the cause of something you do not want. The key here is to not ignore it but react and change so it never happens again.

Take care of each other.
– Too many people think only of the individual. They feel that they have all the skills and do not need anyone else to get by. But it is in the process of helping others that we find out true selves and our success which pushes us further than before.

The best leaders are the ones who learn to be the last to speak.
– When you allow others around you to speak first you can gain valuable insights into other peoples process and also create a sense of self worth within these people. They are given value and importance.

Remember who you are.
– No matter how successful we become in life we have to remember where we have come from, and the roots from which we were grown. When we climb the ladder we are given things – but these can be taken away. It is in where we came from, and who we are at the core that defines us.

Video by Startup Stories

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