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Nathan Harmon | Eye Opening Speech

Through his tragic story Nathan Harmon shows us that every choice we make has consequences, and we need to choose right to get the best results from life.

Every action we take has a ripple effect through the things we touch and the people close to us. If we do choose good, we can often better the lives of those around us but the opposite can be said if we do something negative. We need to decide to make a difference to people in a positive way we can make the world a much better place for everyone.

Never care what anyone says about if it is negative. The value of a person is not based on anyone else opinion, so don’t let people change you so you end masking the wrong decisions. We become the people we are by our actions, so choose not care what people think, take your own journey and become an inspiration to others.

Life is not going to give you anything. But if you make something it is yours forever. So never quit, so your appreciation of others and make the good choices which drive you to success.

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