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Nick Vujicic: STAND STRONG (Most Powerful Speech)

Nick Vujicic gives a talk about how he used to be bullied and how it affected him. But shows us that we are all unique and that we should always consider the feelings of others.

We, as humans are always looking at people wishing we had what others have, always wanting to fit in and be accepted. We have the habit to find the faults in others. Perhaps to make ourselves feel a little better within. But we should be looking at strengths, and helping those who may need it the most.

The smallest comment or action could have lasting effects on others and Nick tells us to consider the thoughts of others first – as you may be having fun but hurting someone in the process, not even knowing it.

It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you act to others. Give someone love and encouragement, and change someones life for the better.

Video by Law of Attraction Coaching

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