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NOW is Exactly the Right Moment To Start

Speeches by Mat Wilson and Eddie Pinero show us that we should never miss a moment in life and to always move forward with purpose to find success.

You must learn that there is never a perfect time or moment to start those things you wish to achieve. If you wait for the right time it may never happen, and time will pass you by leading to regret. If you have a goal or mission in life, now is always the time to act upon it. There will always be problems if life that try and stop you, but it is those of us that come up with solutions that make it big and become successful. So find the courage to begin, don’t make excuses and never stop in your obsession.

The perfection we desire comes from the starting, and continuous practice of our skills. We will fall down in this process, but always discover new things in the process. Find what you love and let it shape you on your journey. Find yourself in the search for perfection. The study of others and their successes is a valuable tool, but not as much as finding the value of yourself and what skills you have to bring forward to the world.

Move forward one step at time, don’t live with the “could be’s” and fight your battle to become a master.

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