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A series of speeches give us the power to move forward in the direction we have always wanted and to prepare for your next steps no matter what stands in your way:

Find your why – and where it comes from. If it is coming from someone other than yourself you should stop and check if this is the best thing for you. Others may want something else from you, and even if it’s coming from a place of good intentions it is not necessarily where you want to be. Do what you need for you, and you only.

Have the hunger to go the extra mile. Once you have this it will not matter your position or status of the time, you will keep moving forward no matter what. Fall in love with what you do, and you will never lose your attention can focus only on the things that matter.

Do not be afraid of looking bad or failing in your pursuits. Develop yourself now and use it to find fulfilment for the future.

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