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Overcome Depression & Anxiety – Motivational Video

A video stating that we need to think on our goals and do so at own pace with our own rules to make sure we progress happy in our lives.

When we constantly compare ourselves to others we will never be satisfied, and also that we constantly strive to be “better” when we should be happy with what we have. We need to be grateful for what we have rather than what we haven’t got. And never build ourselves up to look to good to others when on the inside we require help.

Stop caring about what others think of you. We are all unique and should be exactly what we want to make of ourselves. Stop putting rules on your happiness because once you do this you can never achieve it.

Many of us do not suffer from depression all of the time, it comes and goes with moments of happiness. With this in mind we can learn to direct our thoughts to the happy so much more. Do not focus on the depression but the greatness you wish to see.

Video by Fearless Soul

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