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A set of speeches show us that we must do what is right for us and to not let any negativity from those who cannot yet see their dreams hold us back.

People can get stuck in the same places, becoming jealous of others who achieve more. Others will rise to the challenge of their dreams and leave those behind who just talk that they can rather than do. You need to choose to improve yourself rather than get stuck fitting into everyone else’s visions for you, as they try to hold you back from what you desire. As when people don’t have their own visions, they may decide to stop yours as well.

As you struggle for the top many will tell you cannot make it, that it is too hard or too far. But all it takes is the dedication to go the extra mile, to fight for what you want and to grow and take on anything that tries to get in your way. You do not need anybody that wants to hold you back, so just make time for the people that are worth your time.

Use the words that hurt you to great effect. Don’t let anyones image of you knock you down and keep you there. Sometimes they may tell the truth, but if so turn it against them and combat this truth to help you find success above it. When you don’t let people take you down and you keep your passion going, you can decide what is right for you and go get it.

Do not build on weakness. Improve all the time. Success takes time – but it will happen.

Video by Team Fearless

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