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Restore Your Self-Value

An article shows us that we can get caught up in trying to be an image of ourselves from external factors, but we must find our true self to experience real happiness.

Return To Your Originality

A diminished sense of self-value is responsible for any experience of defeat, despair or desperation.

To restore your self-value is to return to your originality.

You were nothing but original and felt nothing less than great about being yourself when you were born.

You did not question, doubt or worry about your self-value. You were purely, freely and fully expressive of your essence, your authenticity, your originality, your true being.

You made no effort at all to impress anyone, to live up to expectations, to manipulate others’ opinion of you to keep them interested in you, accepting of you, in love with you. You had no fear of the pain of disapproval.

You did not think of yourself. You had no mental image or concept of yourself.

How about today? How do you think of yourself? Is the thought empowering or is it disconcerting, frustrating, embarrassing?

Are you trying to be someone, while you already are someone? If so, someone somewhere along the line taught you to feel the need to be other than you are to escape the inner pain of disapproval, which is the inner pain of negative self-value.

You never have to prove yourself, you only need to be yourself without trying to prove yourself to yourself or to anyone else to feel fully free, empowered, successful and joyful.

You don’t have to make any effort at all to go “outside yourself”, to go beyond yourself. As Bob Dylan wrote, “You’ll never be greater, man, than yourself.”

A profound state of inner peace fills you to overflowing as you simply let yourself be without imagining that you are not being or doing enough. Trust your being to restore your original state of positive self-value.

Dreading possible losses in your future creates the experience of those losses right now, causing you to express yourself as a victim, which causes your life to appear as your victimizer.

Being yourself entirely is never angry. To be angry you must think of yourself as a victim of injustice. You are then not being yourself, you are identifying with a negative thought of yourself.

Being yourself dissolves struggle, conflict, unhappiness into pure joy, love, optimism.

Worrying that you need to do more and to be more entraps you in a futile struggle to achieve the impossible: to be someone else. It dumps you into a demoralizing state of self-imposed disapproval.

Pay attention to your thoughts and to your feelings to quickly release yourself from habitually identifying with any demoralizing concept of who you are.

Practice being yourself without mentally defining yourself.

Allow your life to be just as it is without mentally conceiving it at as any less than you would love it to be.

If you see your situation as a defeat you give yourself that defeat. Drop the concept of defeat to feel victorious, and when you feel victorious your circumstances form into victory.

The courage to live self-concept free, to live life-situation-concept free, frees your original power to prosper, to enjoy life, to live in love, to feel fulfilled, to experience and to radiate sheer delight.

Being original is to be as a child and it is to be truly free. Your sense of self-value will soar without needing to put anyone else’s value down. In fact, the influence of your sheer presence will help others experience liberation from lost self-value.

No one can cause you to feel insulted without your mental cooperation. You have to think of yourself in way that causes you to feel humiliated for you to feel humiliated.

Teenagers tragically descend into self-loathing when their appearance or performance falls below their ideal expectations.

Because of the disapproval they learned in early childhood they hate to lose, to come in second, to be rejected, to have any aspect of their lives or themselves seem to be inferior to anyone else’s. This expresses a healthy desire.

The problem is that they don’t know how to fulfill it. They are desperate to restore their self-value and don’t understand how they lose it in the first place.

When they learn to be themselves without thinking of themselves they stop suffering from self-loathing. You cannot loath a self that you do not think up, conceive of, imagine and identify with.

Return to the joy of pure originality and restore your self-value by freeing yourself from identification with a negative thought about yourself.

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