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Do you struggle with being visible in your business? Perhaps you have been attending many local networking events, doing small public speaking gigs in your hometown but deep inside feel you play small…and it sucks.

You want to share your message with a wider audience and create bigger impact in the world yet the idea of pressing that FB Live and being seen by hundreds of unknown faces online really scares you. 
You worry that you will embarrass yourself, forget what to say or that you will be criticised or ignored.

Today, I would like to share with you three important mindset tips that will help you boost your confidence when you are showing up as a speaker online and offline.


Each person looks at you through his/her own mental map of experience, based on their own events in childhood, school and adult life. You do not have any access to that map. How they see you can be completely false as it is their own map, not the actual “reality”. One person may admire your energy and knowledge whilst the other person can watch you feeling uninspired. And THAT’S OK.

Your net worth will never exceed your self- worth.

Do you like everyone? No. So why do expect to be liked by all people?
Let’s put it straight, for 100 people who love you, there always will be just the same number of people who really dislike you, ignore you, or even hate you. The quicker you accept this the more you start focusing on how to bring your authentic, imperfect self without the need to impress anyone.

Whenever you focus on your fear of judgment or rejection you basically flatter yourself. It is all about repositioning, reframing who you are in this process. Are you here to show up and actually worry about what they say, because if so, then you act from the place of ego. The best way is to shift this and see yourself as that “vessel”, the person whose role is to convey an important, life changing-message to your audience. You are showing up on FB LIVE to help people, to change their lives, to improve something, right?
Always think of that one person in the audience who is waiting for you to share this message, who is waiting to transform her or his life.

See fear for what it is, with the cold eye. Your thoughts create feelings and feelings determine your behaviour. For instance, you think people will judge you as weird or incompetent; those thoughts send information to your unconscious mind which creates the emotional response (fear) that manifests in your body as the anxiety.  As you can see, you have a full control over your thoughts so choose to say to yourself “I will rock that FB Live! People will engage with me and it will be fun”, then watch how your fear turns into an excitement.
Instead of thinking, “Oh my God, they will judge me,” think, “I will nail it. I may be a little bit nervous, but I know I will deliver. I can see myself doing so well. I can see expressing my passion, my energy. I can see those faces smiling at me, positive, absorbed in what I’m saying. I love it. I love it!” 
Make it real in your mind, create a mental picture of the experience you desire, link showing up on FB Live to pleasure and your brain will easily push you in that direction!


The first step is always the most uncomfortable. But here is the trick. Your audience will appreciate your authenticity far more than the perfect, mistake-free, edited you. FB Live is about a real time experience and connection, not perfection. If you “stuck”, mumble and forget what to say, just communicate it to your audience and laugh at yourself. You will make your audience feel more comfortable by being comfortable with yourself.
It is about being okay with the imperfection. You may forget words, but it is how you handle it that makes a massive difference, because if you handle it as if it was completely comfortable, then that’s exactly how your audience will feel.

Always remember that this show is not about you. It’s about them. Check your intention before pressing that FB LIVE, and make sure you show up from the place of love and serving people NOT the place of fear.
Now, set a nice tune, dance a little bit and GO LIVE!!!
Gosia x

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About Gosia:
I am a Visibility Coach for female coaches, consultants and trainers who want to play big in their businesses, show up fearlessly, and become that magnet for their clients who love them and who buy from them. I help them remove their fear to express themselves in front of others on FB Live, videos and public speaking gigs.

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