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Simon Sinek | Why You’re Failing to Inspire ANYONE

An interview with Simon Sinek gives us the understanding required so we can look after those looking up to us effectively, and to create better results for all.

Leadership, and the courage to succeed through it is like a muscle – you need to slowly grow in order to build yourself up and take on the bigger challenges life throws at you. If you just drive right in without having the experience learnt over time you may need up failing.

In order inspire people you must listen to those you wish to inspire. If you come at any problem like this with a singular focus on what you can do to help others it may not be received so well as to firstly see what issues occur and then reacting to the problems at hand. When you simply decide to care for others and their needs you can instil the inspiration they seek.

Do not be selfish and think you can fix everything, simply know that those you lead may need your support – so react to that when they need it and the rest will happen naturally.

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