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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates | Foundations of their Companies

In this video Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talk together about their early days in the computer business and how they even aided each other to get where they needed to be.

Competition in any field is always going to be there but you must be able to focus on the bigger picture of getting your product or service out to the people – focus on what you are doing/what you need rather than looking outward and slowing yourself down.

You have a passion and a drive to create something for yourself. And that something should be the driving force to get your product or service to others. If you want to see something happen, there’s a good bet others will to.

Stick with your business. Make sure you put in the effort with those inside it to make it last for both yourself and your employees and be prepared to take some risks sometimes and you will make it.

Video by Motive Scope

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