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From his Believe Tour, Evan Carmichael tells us to always do the things we need to do as soon they come to us so we fulfil all the goals we have in life.

If we take too much time making something perfect it may lead to missed opportunities, as whilst we have had our head in the paperwork someone has created and accomplished. So get content out even if it’s not 100% as it is in the doing and completing that shows who you are.

If you have something that could be great idea act upon it and see if it works. Don’t talk yourself down from doing it because it could end badly, try and if it fails, you’ve learnt something new. If it works great. If you begin this process and don’t give yourself a way back it will guarantee things happen, and you can reflect later. Take the action before the energy leaves you and find an excuse to leave the ideas behind.

Time is an asset, and you have to work out what things will bring you closer to the completion of your goals. You need to know when your time in a project or business could be handled by others so you can look at the bigger picture, rather than perfecting every little detail yourself. Do not not let yourself get overwhelmed by everything you need to do. The way we think determines how we act, so get out there and do the things we want whilst we have them in our mind. Don’t waste time completing all the small tasks and ticking every box if you can the same result by thinking big and taking action.

Know that you are always capable of more and can do anything when you really think about it.

Video by Evan Carmichael

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