By Joshua lee Graham

Joshua lee Graham

International Speaker and Life Coach.

Joshua's style of coaching is second to none, if you're looking for someone who can push you into "Living in your truth" then this is the guy. Josh stands tall and believes in everything he teaches, he is consistent and very well liked throughout the coaching business. This guy gets the work done, without fail.

Joshua is also a key member of the Success4 Team, working closely with all of our contributors to the website.

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Sometimes you have to have a breakdown to have a break through. Claire from Life Mastery UK talks about how they have built a community about their one umbrella message “What would you love and how you love you live your dream”. The guys from Life Mastery UK all have different skills and experiences so they understand that for those they work with, it is all about connection and offering the highest service they can for the universal greater good.

The team where the word “Love” on their sleeves and it is from that point that they aim to help everyone they can as a community of coaches.  In their workshops their focus on 4 areas of your life which are Vocation, health, family and time money freedom, and from that they look at where you want to be 3 years form now.

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Do you have a ‘dream’? We will show you how to make it come true through the tried and tested ‘Dreambuilder’ programme which has helped thousands of people all over the world to achieve the life they would love to live – and we can use the same process of evocative coaching to help you find your dream or vision, especially if you feel ‘stuck’ in life right now.

We’re not just here to inspire you but to provide the tools, techniques, therapies and coaching to enable you to bring into reality the life you would love to live.

We are: Jo Alexis, Carol Coggan, Ben Coker, Sylvia Ennis, Clare Ford, Kathy Maslowski, Roxanne St Clair and Laurie Traquair.


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