By Debbie Singh

Debbie Singh

Bereavement Coach

When children grieve, we feel the need to protect them, however, they need to experience the feelings and grow from them - we should affirm the fact that they are feeling bad & not feel the need to fix them. Equally, we should speak about our feelings as they mirror our actions, if we Lock ourselves away to 'grieve' they will do the same.

Debbie is the writer and voice of our weekly podcast series, Whispers of the soul available here on

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In this weeks podcast Mark from Success4 speaks down with the UK’s No1 Bereavement Coach Debbie Singh. Debbie believes that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Debbie lost her young son and mum and has been through loss giving her the ability to be able to help others who are going through the same.

Debbie speaks about her upcoming FREE workshop “Whispers of the soul” which takes place on Saturday the 5th May from 2pm – 5pm, At the Igo Yoga Studio in Wolverhampton, which is around the corner from the train station.

Book your FREE ticket via the link below.

At this incredible free event Debbie will take you on a journey to give you the tools to over come and move on from loss. From this you can see wether you and Debbie are a fit and from there go on to possible one to one sessions and online coaching.

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