By Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels

Business & Life Coach

Mark has worked with many companies and individuals over the last 20 years. From training and coaching staff, to coaching Business owners and leaders. What ever you are looking for in life or business, Mark has the tools needed for you to succeed.

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Mark from Success4 talks to Rob Moore. Rob is the Co Founder of Progressive Properties, Author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and multi-million – pound Property Investor.

Mark and Rob talk about leveraging other peoples skills and talents to systemise and out source your business. Rob also talks about his need for variety and the common issue that he faced as a young entrepreneur of the excitement of starting a new project and then getting bored and being lucky if that excitement lasted six months. So when he met his business partner Mark Homer in 2006, he realised that Mark loved the bits that he didn’t like and he loved the bits that Mark didn’t like, so they dove tailed and bridged the gap, building a multi million pound business in Progressive Properties.

Rob then had the space to figure out what he did like, which is putting a team together, creating strategies, promotion, podcasting and being creative which harked back to his days as an artist. Rob describes himself as and ordinary guy who loves fixing problems, writing and speaking.

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