By Ryan Pinnick

Ryan Pinnick


public speaker and creator of Unleash Your Super Genius.

Speaker on Superconsciousness and Genius
Award Winning Entrepreneur
Business Mentor and Investor

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In our Success4Meets series we have interviewed some incredible coaches, entrepreneurs and self development practitioners from all over the world including Evan Carmichael, Laura Timm, Bernardo Moya, Tim Han, Richard Grannon, Garrain jones and many more. Today we have the honour of releasing this recent interview with the incredible Mr Super Genius himself Ryan Pinnick.

We first met Ryan at The Yes Group in Norwich where we filmed a short interview with him before he gave a great talk about his Super Genius Life method. Ryan is one of the entrepreneurs and mentors that gives honest and true value to his clients, he has worked for over 9 years to get where he is today and taken no short cuts or quick fixes along the way. Starting in property Ryan did well in this industry but realised that he had other passions and after speaking for Rich Dad Poor Dad he decided that he wanted to live his purpose. At one point Ryan was in 80k debt which led him to discover his Super Genius Life. So what is a Super Genius?

A genius is someone who has the ability to create what they want and actually it’s a natural ability. In our times, we actually celebrate people who are geniuses purely based on their intellectual capacity, whereas we do actually have musical geniuses, entrepreneurial geniuses and humanitarian geniuses for example. There are all sorts of different geniuses in our society. So SuperGenius is someone who has actually mastered all areas of their life. We see it so many times in our society where someone is a genius in one area of their life yet other areas of their life is a complete mess (there relationship, their health, their spirituality etc). They could be super successful but they are miserable so they’ve only really mastered one area of their life. A SuperGenius has gone to an ultimate level of mastery in their life.

Ryan will be speaking at the next Expert Empires Event with Nick James and Seriously Fun Business, get your tickets via the link below.

Connect direct with Ryan via the link below

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