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Supporting Yourself and Finding the Right Work for You – Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery | Supporting Yourself and Finding the Right Work for You

Supporting yourself while searching for a job is daunting under any circumstances. Going through recovery at the same time can add complexity to your efforts, not to mention stress. However, there is much that you can do to give yourself security and find rewarding work.

Consider Immediate Issues

Your physical and mental health are paramount. Searching for a job can be stressful, but it’s imperative that you strengthen your sobriety by maintaining a healthy diet and finding a good exercise regimen. As well, reinforce your recovery by ensuring you get the support you need from loved ones and professionals, with whatever treatment and therapy that could benefit your overall mental health. To counter stressors, look to budget to minimize your expenses and focus on priorities, like rent or debt. Evaluate what you are spending and eliminate anything that does not aid your physical or mental well-being. If feasible, consider creating an emergency fund to provide you with a buffer as you continue your search. While this might not seem realistic, any amount can add up over the long-term.

Explore Side Gigs

While you may be eager to return to your previous career, side gig employment can be a valuable transition back to work. With freelancing comes flexibility, allowing you to focus on recovery in addition to supporting yourself financially. It also offers the possibility of harnessing a passion you may not have considered as a potential source of income. Do you love dogs or cats? You may find that pet sitting could be the ticket for you. Not only can contact with animals be therapeutic, but also you may find it to be financially rewarding. Alternatively, if you have any creative impulses you’d like to channel, then you could sell handmade items through a site like Etsy. Freelance writing might be another avenue to pursue, as you could contribute to blogs as a guest poster or look for commission work through dedicated websites or social media.

Try Teaching

One of the more interesting options is teaching, as the variety on offer can be ideal for both securing an income and looking to a future career. The Internet can be especially helpful, as there are now numerous websites dedicated to providing teaching opportunities. If you have a particular specialty including math or English, then you could offer your services online through tutoring or course-based sites. There’s also plenty of demand for language teaching while offering music instrument lessons is another path that you might take if you have relevant experience.

Teaching opportunities are not limited to courses or tutoring alone. If you have been involved in education, then you might look to pursue grading or test scoring jobs, or perhaps offer your services to a community college or even museum.

Seasonal Work

Temporary or seasonal work may not sound stable, but it can be enough to pay the bills, and give you time to find something more suitable long-term. Depending on the time of year and your location, seasonal work can be a great way to get back into employment. If you are located near to a particular industry, like resorts, fishing, or farming, then demand will vary. Retail and delivery services are especially busy during the summer and winter months. Job opportunities are often listed in store, however, be sure to check out websites to know what is available, too. Additionally, contact agencies to see if they have any staff vacancies on offer.

When considering temporary work, it’s important to account for any limitations. Is the work out of the way, or is it physically demanding? Be sure to thoroughly research what is most feasible when it comes to your finances and health.

This is not an easy time, but it is a necessary part of your path to sobriety. Do not overlook the importance of your mental and physical well-being as you search for new employment. Remind yourself that your efforts are worthwhile, and that you have many options to pursue. With time, you will find this part of your journey to be truly fulfilling.

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