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Tai Lopez’s LAW of 33% Guarantees SUCCESS! | Top 10 Rules for Success

Evan Carmichael takes us through Tai Lopez’s Top 10 Rules for Success and how any of us can create the lives we wish for if we take the right steps.

1. Know what motivates you.
– Find what makes you tick, use it to stop procrastinating and really get to work on the things you want. Find the passion in something that gets you out of bed ready to tackle the day.

2. Catch Trends.
– Get into things early before they are already in the main stream, and use it to great effect. Create new ideas and think outside the box, and link that to pre exciting ideas you can adapt for the better to make yourself successful.

3. Live in the now.
– Don’t think to far into your futures so you miss what is going on in the present. Find things which keep you grounded in the present moment so you can focus and keep your mind at ease.

4. Use the law of 33%.
– Divide your time between those you are ahead of in your fields of work, those who are the same level with and those who are ahead of you. 33% each. Find mentors within the 33% ahead of you so you can learn new tricks and perspectives, and also teach those below you to bring in new generations.

5. Take Action.
– Don’t just talk the good talk, work for what you want also. Take the steps to make you achieve something in the long run, rather than saying you will change the world and then fall short on your claims.

6. Reinforce good habits.
– Make sure you creates patterns of success which will grow over time, rather than get stuck in a spiral of failure which you can never get out from.

7. Learn the right things.
– We need the basic building blocks of learning that prepare us for what life will put us through, and we are slowly losing this. We need to be able to look after ourselves as the core of live and then we can push out from there.

8. Study the outliers.
– Looks at those who are ahead of their time, what are they doing to change the world and what do they do which changes the rest of rest for the better.

9. Change your mindset.
– Do not believe that you are stuck in a situation because it is what you see around you. Anything is possible, and you can have whatever you want in life if you change your thinking and then go after it.

10. Get outdoors.
– Enjoy the outdoor life and experiences it will bring. Ground yourself and take a moment away from everything else.

Bonus – Take Risks.
– Take the opportunities that come your way before they pass you by. You could miss the big break you’ve been wishing for because you think too much and don’t take the chances when they are presented to you.

Video by Evan Carmichael

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