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The “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine” – Habits of the World’s Most Successful People

A video where we see that if you can get off to a great start in the morning with your routines, the rest of the day will run in your favour.

Even the simplistic action of making your bed as soon as you get up builds your mind in the right way so you get things done immediately. Take probiotics and get into the habit of doing a breathing exercise to energise yourself for the day – add to this meditation so your mind is clear for the tasks ahead.

After this comes movement for your heart, and journaling – keeping diaries and thinking on new ideas. Then make a to do list for the day, and accomplish those to give yourself a great feeling once the day is done. You can also add a “to feel” and a “to be” list for self improvement. If your have time, reading is also an important factor for learning and the morning is great time for this. Even if it’s a small amount.

So try out some of these and see if they improve your thinking and mindset.

Video by Be Inspired

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