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The 4 Secrets To Build Your Self Discipline – Marisa Peer

A video by Marisa Peer gives us several habits to learn and enable us move forward with our goals and work harder to achieve everything we’ve wanted in life.

If we wish to be successful we must first conquer self discipline. Once we have learnt this and made it who we are inside we will be able to overcome any obstacle. Work out what you really want and earn the day, knowing you are worth it by keeping these habits in your mind as you work towards success.

1. Do what you don’t want to do first.
Do the things you hate before anything else, get them done before you talk yourself out of it. Once it is done, you will feel stronger and happier and more able to accomplish anything else you need doing for the day ahead. The more you are able to do this, the easier it will be become until they become habits.

2. Take action every single day.
Don’t have days off, always think about what you need to do to further your business or goal. It doesn’t have to be a full on process all of the time, but when you are constantly thinking on success it will vie much easer to achieve.

3. Delay Gratification.
Make sure that you give yourself reward after you have completed something worthwhile to keep you focus on the right path. When you give yourself that little something first you become less inclined to finish your day strong and having done all you can to improve yourself.

4. Praise Yourself.
When you are trying to build something for yourself, if you think negatively you will be less inclined to put your all in and end up making something much less than what you could have done. Instead give yourself words of encouragement – make something manifest in your mind so you can produce the best work you possibly can.

Video by Marisa Peer

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