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The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen

David Allen talks us through his processes to maximise your productivity through the hectic lives we all have and how we can all work out steps for successful project completions.

Within stress you can find a calm which allows you to enter your zone and taking the right actions. Stress forces you to focus and get into the right mindset for goal completion. But this may not happen in the everyday working environment as well.

If you can be fully engaged about what you are doing you can do things with great effect. But if we think about many things whilst trying to do a singular task, which we often do in the hectic world we live in we are never truly present and cannot get the things done we really want. Think about what is on your mind. If it is at the forefront all the time, you may struggle to accomplish it as it has not begun its full process into completion. We need to think about things less, and put them into actions or plans to maximise our output.

Don’t blame the lack of time on the lack of success you’re having. We all have the same time. We need to make sure we have the space in our heads to have the ideas without the stress holding us back. You need to have a natural rhythm in the world, having both focus and control over what you do.

Don’t loose perspective and control – be flexible, shift focus where needed and stick to one thing at a time, define your targets/take action and set out the right maps of your projects to be able to achieve anything.

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