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The Attitudes of Success and Happiness

An article by Helaine Iris gives us various attitude shifts we should all adopt to change ourselves for the better and achieve more happiness in our lives:

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” – Unattributed

This quote struck me. As a business and life coach, I work with people every day who are striving to be–do–or have something in their lives. Be it a successful business, a life that is less stressed, or a more satisfying career, everyone wants the same thing at the core–to feel successful and to be happy.

It sounds easy to attain but we all know it’s not. There are many fine formulas for success and happiness out there. You’ve probably tried many self-help or business improvement programs and know they would work if you consistently practiced and skillfully applied them.

But in my experience, it takes something else to truly experience deep, enduring success and happiness. It takes simple yet profound attitude shifts. Attitude shifts, when adopted and practiced, can and will change the fundamental nature of your being.

I offer you the following back–to-basics Attitudes Of Success and Happiness. Consider adopting them and see if you notice a change in the quality of your life and business.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is appreciation and thankfulness. Do you remember the last time you stopped for a moment simply to acknowledge all the good things in your life? When you’re focused on the big picture, or caught up in day-to-day living, it’s hard to remember to take a step back and count your blessings.

Having a positive, gratitude attitude is basic for high-quality mental health and for all-around success. Studies show that individuals who have positive attitudes and experience gratitude regularly have a higher rate of happiness and less stress.

This simple attitude shift can change your perspective almost instantaneously. The next time you are experiencing high stress, stop and take a deep breath. Make a quick list in your head of five things you are grateful for. You will feel better.

Learning to see everything in an appreciative, positive way is not easy. However, practice makes it easier.

The Attitude of Possibility

Every experience and opportunity is a gift. It leads to possibility. Think back on your past experience, good and bad–would you agree that even the most difficult experiences had some sort of silver lining? Are you somehow better off, or a better person as a result your experience?

Now, try this question on for size–can you ever really make a mistake? If you believe you can, you’ll live your life out of fear and never take risks. Consider this–every failure or challenge, or “mistake” is an opportunity for possibility. What would your experience be of the events in your life if you were to embrace possibility as the ultimate outcome of any situation?

The Attitude of Possibility is an art form. It takes practice and trust to stay open to possibility. When faced with any challenge, ask yourself, “How might this experience be perfect right now?” And then ask, “What is possible?”

The Attitude of Abundance

Believe it or not, there’s enough love, money and business to go around. Contrary to popular belief, our world is an abundant place. Think of how many people are on the planet with needs and how many businesses start up to meet those needs each year. Every business is unique and attracts its perfect customers.

The attitude here to adopt is–there IS enough. By simply staying focused on your passion and attracting your perfect customers, you will begin to experience abundance in business and life. Choose to thrive in a growing, abundant world and see what opens up for you.

The Attitude of Service

You are Inspiration! Not only can you be driven by your inspiration to be a successful person, you can BE inspiration and have a fabulous life too! Think of yourself as the beautiful, unique jewel that you are. The offering you make to the world is founded on the combination of your vision, your purpose and the gifts you bring. This is where the attitude of service begins.

After all, your values and vision spring from your humanity. Be you. Be inspiration. Be service. The Attitude of Service is not something you put on and take off when at work. It is something you carry with you throughout each day. Someone who truly has the Attitude of Service will always embody the Attitude of Service to other people, no matter what the circumstances.

The international business networking organization has the Attitude of Service built into its program. “Givers Gain” is its motto. The idea behind it is that if you focus on giving to others, more will come back to you.

The Attitude of Accountability

Keeping on track to fulfill your goals takes intention. One of the secrets of success is learning to adopt an Attitude of Accountability. Human nature tends to follow a path of least resistance.

The Attitude of Accountability is about keeping your word–doing what you say you’re going to do. Keeping your word is a standard or a value that’s attractive and success-producing.

Accountability can take many forms. You can request a member of your support team to hold you accountable; you can hire a coach or mentor and deepen your work with them. You can simply write your intentions down, create a timeline and task list to review on a regular basis. Whatever you decide is right for you.

I challenge you to stay accountable. Honor whatever investment you make of your precious time and money. Take the time now to put systems into place that will help you maintain your intentions, goals, and actions.

It’s YOUR life. . . imagine the possibilities!

Article by Helaine Iris

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