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A motivational speech by Dandapani shows us that once we understand ourselves and how we can operate, there is no stopping our potential to grow and be successful:

The key to a successful life to understand how our mind works. It is to put practice into the focus of thinking correctly and not being distracted by the many things which go on around us. We can either decide to keep on the track of distraction, or use the mind to focus on our craft.

When we manage to shift our focus from the many things, and decide to concentrate on one thing at a time we can achieve greatness. And all it takes to do so it make time and practice your shift in everything you do. Once you keep giving your full awareness to the goal straight in front of you, you will see a shift in the speed and clarity of it. You must do this all the time, and give 100% in all that you do.

Have the will to do more, make sure that you see things through to there completion and you will build the strength to do great things.

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