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Often called a Rockstar within the business world, Richard in fact is incredibly uncomfortable with public speaking. Having said that, Richard understands the power of the personal brand and he has put himself and the forefront of his Virgin Empire.

Many big names in the business world have slated Richards approach to business, saying Virgin is a hodge podge of disconnected business’ that do not fit together. What they do not understand, is that the important thing and driving force of Virgin is the feel, vibe, ethos and irreverence they bring to each new business. In the early days they were also the underdogs and the capitalised on that, getting the peoples voice behind them.

The name Virgin is evergreen in that it allows them to enter each new business as Virgins and first timers and then use the fun, ethos and irreverence that drives their approach to work to build from the ground up. This has allowed the Virgin brand to move from the retail industry to the music industry then on to the aviation and trains.

Richard embodies the true nature of an entrepreneur, he solves problems and does it with good hard working people around him that are all pushing in the same direction.

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