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The danger of silence | Clint Smith

A short speech by Clint Smith gives us the inspiration to speak up for ourselves and those around us to create a better world full of purpose and fulfilment:

We can often ignore those in help as we go through our day to day lives. We don’t tell people how we feel, or stand up for ourselves and others around us. As life goes by we focus in, not wanting to make waves and will easily let things happen around that we think are not in out hands.

It is much easier to tell people what they want rather than want they don’t, even if it would better their lives in the future. It is much easier to say nothing and leave situations be. Some times we are scared to speak up, but we need to be strong to really help those in need or who may need some words of comfort.

We need to look after each other through the tough times and create a circle of love so that the hate and negativity can not get through.

Video by TED

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