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Andy Fisher

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Andy Fisher is the founder and creator of The Hero Forge Podcast series and accompanying book. Inspired by the loss of his father and wanting to leave something for his young son, Andy has created a unique and creative concept in the Everyday Hero movement.

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THE HERO FORGE PODCAST – Rodney King (Crazy Monkey Defense)

Rodney King is one of the world’s foremost martial art and self-protection coaches and is the founder of Crazy Monkey Defense. Growing up in the South side of Johannesburg, South Africa, he learned all about the challenge of interpersonal violence the hard way and went on the immerse himself deeper still in that abyss by working some of the toughest nightclub doors in the city. Rodney’s journey from hard man to ‘anti-hard man’ is inspirational and a true example of how we need not be defined by our past. Author, entrepreneur, Leadership consultant, philosopher and a man who walks his talk, he is a true renaissance man and I am delighted to welcome him to The Hero Forge.

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