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The One Rule EVERY CHAMPION Follows | Juvan Langford

A short Vlog by Juvan Langford tells us that we must have those around us who love and care for our success and want your enthusiasm for your goals to flourish.

As we rise and become more successful in our lives we will learn more about who we really are as a person. We will face many unknowns and dark moments through this process but once through this we will know more about ourselves and can move to the next level.

As we do this we will lose relationships and friendships. Not everyone can follow your story. People may not get your journey and where your headed. If people are holding you back from your dreams you must remove them from your life and have those around who support and understand the direction you are headed in.

So commit to your goals and don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.

Video by JuVan Langford


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