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The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | Jim Kwik

A video featuring Jim Kwik shows us how we must break the bonds of the digital world in order to learn correctly and better our lives in the process.

We have lots of information close to hand, and many ways to absorb this information for the better of ourselves. However, these ways are not being used correctly and we are failing to learn the key elements for success. Within this ever growing world we need to the ability to keep up.

Avoid the social media distractions so we do not become slaves to the bad habits which take us further away from our goals. Add to this the many other things we wish to do, our to do lists become huge and unachievable. We need to learn to focus in on the important things rather than being tied to our phones all the time.

Build your positive momentum. Build your mind rather than allowing the digital world to take away your ability. Use your time wisely.

Video by Motivation Madness

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