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Mohamed Abdulrahman

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How do we discover our purpose? How do we discover the direction we should be on? How do we do what we love and serve people through it? How do we make an income from it? How can I be more of me in a world where people deny themselves that freedom?

Who has the answers?

Well, I don’t. I don’t know the answers to your question and anyone that tells you that they do… don’t. I wish I knew then I can provide it for you, I believe perhaps we are never meant to discover the answers to that question just as why the Sky is blue and Grass is green. Although we don’t bother ourselves with the answers for those question and simply be stunned by it’s beauty – I believe it’s similar to our lives. It’s not about discovering the answers to all our question, rather being present and loving each moment, appreciating what life has in store for us.

I’ve spent almost 5 years in pursuit for the answers, although I haven’t discovered the answers – I’ve discovered that the further I was pursuing it, the more distant I was becoming to what it might potentially be for what my purpose in life is. I was thinking so frequently about the past and future, trying to connect the dots that I haven’t been doing much of living. I have come to believe through living and flowing with what feels right in our heart, that’s our purpose in that very moment and for some it varies and for others it changes. Our purpose is to take the inspired action that feels right in this very moment, allowing the momentum to start and flowing with it.

It’s the universal principle of energy that you only receive or attract what you put into the world. The more you live with scarcity and doubt, the harder life will seem. However, when you live life as free soul, present in each moment, exploring and understanding the concept that life is happening for you then life becomes to seem easier to live. Life is a projection of the thoughts that consume our mind and the questions we continue to ask.

What questions are you asking? Are you constantly making sure you’re bringing your awareness to the thoughts that are roaming around your mind and whether it’s empowering you to experience or disempowering you?

This is the same principle for action, however most people’s questions are based on lack, they come to negative conclusion and so their actions are based on desperation, their ROI being low because of the frequency of energy they are emitting.

These questions are mainly a reflection of people’s fear. However, what is fear? Fear is the product of ignorance and that’s the reason the quality of our question dictates the quality of our lives. Question holds power, the more you continue to ask your mind disempowering questions, the more it’ll provide answers that reflect those questions and belief internally and externally.

The MAGIC starts when you ask your mind empowering questions which will trigger particular emotions that will inspire you to take action and move your body because of the positive energy that continues to build inside of you. Oozing from you so you begin to attract what you desire.

Allow me to provide an example, when you ask Google generic questions, what do you find? Generic answers, nothing perhaps you may have been expecting to find. I’ve been meaning to start yoga for quiet sometime so I asked google: Yoga in London.

Why did I do that? Couldn’t I have been more specific?

What it provided for me was Yoga classes in Edmonton when I was based in Fulham. Bear in mind, I was excited to start because for such a while, I’ve been hearing “health is wealth” and I totally resonated with that but never took inspired action. When I did this search, received these locations that was far from where I live, I became less motivated and let down.

This is what people do on a constant basis. By the way, it’s not even what you ask sometimes but how you ask. Context over content. You can ask the exact question but in a manner you’ll come to empowering answers that will inspire you to take actions that resonates with you.

Your brain is not here to inspire you or motivate you. It’s here to keep you safe and protected and just as any parents, sometimes it’ll use trickery to achieve it’s mission by scaring you from particular opportunities or experience that can potentially make you grow financially, spiritually and mentally.

Allow me to narrate a story: There was once a warrior who was captured and imprisoned, ready to be executed. Once two guards came and gave him the choice to either go through a door that he didn’t know what lied behind or be hang. The warrior was afraid and asked what was past the door. The guard told the warrior, they didn’t know and the warrior immediately chose to be hanged. When the king arrived and asked the guards, what was past the door… the guards replied, “his freedom.” The irony, our brain is designed to protect us but it doesn’t do a good job and puts us in more risk sometimes YET we expect it to still provide us with intelligent answers with such generic questions. It’s a survival mechanism.

What we focus on expands.

There will always be polarity in life? Meaning upside and downside but the trick is each time you experience downside, the question should be “what can I take from this? How can this inspire me to take inspirational action? What beauty has life in store for me.” How can you experience and know what happiness is if you haven’t experienced or have no clue of what the opposite of happiness is. In life, you’ll experience your moments of tragedy but I consider them as blessing in disguise.

In the past, I used to aske questions such as, “Why does this always happen to me?” What do you think the answers would be when I ask such questions with such a limited mindset? Because I’m not good enough? Intelligent enough? Lucky enough? Would it ever be, “BECAUSE YOU’RE BRILLIANT?” No! Your perception becomes your reality and this is based on the deep beliefs we carry around about ourselves which nurtures questions of lack.

You have to be aware that you’re designed to win but programmed to lose. As a child, the world was your playground and you used to have so much fun, thriving through everything until your parents told you it’s no longer appropriate to ask particular questions or to do certain things. They told you to behave, now you consider everything you do as good manner or justify yourself that you have too much responsibility to live life you desire.

Rather than asking, why am I always busy… Why don’t you ask yourself, “How can I utilise the time that is available for me to make my dream into reality?” And discover what a world of difference this can make for you.

If there’s anytime to realize how much of a powerful being you are, you are more than your patterns then it’s NOW! There’s two parts to your brain called Amygdala and Hippacampus. The Hippacampus is responsible for all your short term experience and long term memories – so as a child, we live in total freedom but then as we grow, our parents – out of combination of love and fear tell us not to do certain things, not to hold to certain dreams and sometimes they do so through shouting or punishing us. Rather than nurturing our creativity, the lock it up and throw the keys because they want to make sure we are safe. We absorb all these and their frequency, these memories are then stored into our amygdala and now each time we find similar opportunities that our parents may have told us particular things to it through shouting or punishing us… we attach pain to these opportunities and experience… so we end not taking them although it’s totally not true.

Our excuses for why we can’t do what we love is really fear disguised as practicality but the moment we ask questions that we wouldn’t normally ask. It interrupts our pattern and we start to think outside the box. All I really request is rather than remaining stuck on one question, to simply let go, allow whatever is meant to come in your life to come and be the observer of what’s going on internally and externally – things will make sense when you let it be and flow with it.

In life, you’ll always experience moments when you’re about to make an important decision and the question you should really ask is, “will I listen to the teacher of love or teacher of fear.” The teacher of fear is your logical mind that continues to confine you so you’re safe and the teacher of love is your intuition that truly knows your higherself and wants to get you there – sometimes things will seem uncomfortable but how long you choose to dwell in your suffering and pain is a choice… just as freedom is!

Choose wisely.

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