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The Psychology of self motivation – 3 questions that will tell you if its worth it

Ask 3 questions if you want to feel self empowered. Scott Geller is Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech and Director of the Centre for Applied Behaviour Systems in the Department of Psychology. Scott talks about online training and the benefits of trying something out yourself and seeing if it works, in contrast to watching someone else perform the task and seeing if they can make it work.

So here are those 3 questions that you can ask yourself and others to see if they will be self motivated, and self empowered. These seem to stem around belief in what you are doing.

1. Do you believe you can do it?
2. Do you believe that the process will work?
3. Is it worth it?

The third question is a motivational question, is it worth it? you need to feel as if it is worth it. If you answer yes to those three questions then it will work for you, you want to do it, you feel you can do it, and you feel it is worth doing. We are controlled by consequences.

Here is a great TEDX Talk by Scott Geller

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